Dan Savage

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, the author of several books, and the host of the Savage Lovecast, Savage is “a deviant of the highest order” (Daily Caller). He does not like to be hugged.

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Case Disclosed

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "My BF has undetectable HIV. How much should we disclose to future play partners?"


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "Am I being used as a pawn in my lover's sex games with his primary partner?"

The Uncanny Valley

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Can you guess which advice is Dan's, and which was written by a horny robot? 🤖 🍆

Savage Love Jan 3 11:08 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: If you tell the new person you're about to fuck the truth and that person runs... that's bad, right?

Savage Love Dec 27 12:20 PM


Need answers to your sexual problems quick? Then don't miss another "quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE!

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Savage Love Dec 20 12:00 PM

Getting It

This week in Savage Love: "Cuckolding. I want it, I need it, how do I get it??"

Savage Love Dec 13 10:58 AM

The Birthday Boy

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A son wants mom to go halfsies on a session with sex worker. She's a "cool mom," but... C'MON!

Savage Love Dec 6 12:48 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slutting advice for the returning slut.

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Savage Love Nov 29 1:30 PM


It's another slam-bang edition of SAVAGE LOVE "quickies"! You have the quick, sexy questions, Dan has the quick, sexy solutions!

Savage Love Nov 22 11:08 AM

The Watcher

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: His playmate likes to watch him play with others. But the look on his face is... umm... creepy?

Savage Love Nov 15 12:28 PM

Ace Case

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE:  He can't help it... he gets hot for shaved armpits. Does this make him anti-feminist?

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Savage Love Nov 8 10:14 AM

Loaded Questions

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Straight guy feels guilty about earth-shattering BJs he receives from gay pal. Sooo... should he?

Savage Love Nov 1 1:00 PM

Just the Facts

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE, a bisexual hubby gets the monkeypox vaccine without telling the wife, and WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Savage Love Oct 25 11:00 AM


It's another "Quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE, featuring lickety-split Q&As about threesomes, ethical cheating, and more!

Savage Love Oct 18 1:26 PM

Crushing Loads

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slamming orgasms lead to slamming headaches, and polyamory is complicated... who'da thunk?

Savage Love Oct 11 10:00 AM

Knots Landing

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A vanilla partner surprisingly says "yes" to kinky sex! Yay! But wait... NOW WHAT?

Savage Love Oct 4 11:00 AM

Done Wrong

A hot Black gay man has issues with friends telling him it's okay for others to objectify and harass him. What to do? Dan Savage has the advice in this week's SAVAGE LOVE!