What if we did rotating weekly themes where all you can post about is: boobs, art, space, bands, beer, puppies, etc? Happy stuff. In my day, "real locals" were suppressed and hidden from sight so that we could make this town radical, rebellious, and desirable to those more awesome than ourselves.

No, you watch out. Once someone says this, "watch out" to me as their way of saying "excuse me," I lose my respect for that person as a comrade in life. You might as well say, "Move!" Whats wrong with "excuse me?" "Coming through" at least has more politeness than "move or watch out." So your parents or teachers never taught you manners. You can blame them all you want and say they never taught you which may or may not be true. But you only have yourself to blame in your many decades on earth for never learning polite manners and cordial etiquette. So I might tell you next time, "no you watch out." Or I might say, "no, you pay attention to where you're going." But I'll probably just say "eat shit or fuck you." I don't know what's worse a clueless rude person, or a purposeful rude person?

We are all interconnected. Some in more ways than others. Take for example the former Head of FBI Counterintelligence Chuck McGonigal, the dude who was supposed to be protecting us from things like organized crime and foreign powers interfering in our elections, was just indicted for working for secretly working for organized crimes and foreign powers interfering in our elections. (Pause for effect). I wonder if this will be one of the paths wherein we learn more about the FBI + DHS's, coordinated attacks against innocent Portlanders. I guess we'll know soon enough.

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When you steal that 80s/90s car it is often from somebody on a fixed income or with few funds to afford a replacement. Glad you got your 25$ in parts and some free gas to royally fuck somebody over.

I grew up taking all outdoor footwear off before going into the house. I never wore socks but that would be considered okay. House slippers as well, however once you wear your indoor house slippers outside, it doesn't seem logical anymore to wear them indoors again. Kinda like sanitizing your hands then completing your transaction touching keypads. So I've essentially only ever been barefoot in homes, even those that don't advocate for shoeless houses. That is when I do notice how dirty floors are though. This has been my way of live for almost 50 years. And in my own home, which I do keep pretty clean and don't have very many visitors, my feet will undoubtedly find the smallest debris, the tiniest grain, and the most microscopic crumb of anything on the floor or carpet or rug. Its almost as if that baby grain rice, or mini bread or chip crumb just scoots itself to right under my foot because they find them all the time. This is even as I consider myself to be a very neat and careful eater. Sometimes, because of the sensitivity of my feet, when one lands on something, I feel it, immediately stop, then I'm able to lift my foot up and retrieve the little ant tease right up. Pretty talented huh? Stop, this ain't foot fetish hour now.

Hey you noisy asses! Stop clanking your forks on your nearly empty plastic plates in our quiet break room! I finally got you loud-ass-chip-chomping-pricks to start closing your mouths while you chew then you fartbreathers showed up. 30 minutes for lunch while 27 of it is YOU repeatedly stabbing your plate for the last morsels of your salad is maddening. Worse than the finger nail clippers on the #72. Quit it!!!

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Were stuck in this boat for 8 hrs a day. I don't care about the work. The people make or break a job and this idea, "am I the right fit?" Let's be a team, people! You can pass someone everyday for months/years, and they never look you in the eye, greet you, and pretend like they've never seen you before? Laziness, no sense of urgency. Paid by the hour. Company doesn't care for me. But working slow is harder to do than just doing the work, be busy all day, and before you know it, the day is done. Working slow does not make the day go by any faster. I heard this comment, "whenever I have a bad day." Why are there ever bad days that must be focused on? Its all about a positive attitude! Its as if the way some folks work, I can see how much they hate life. Constant complaining about nothing and everything. Constant judgments like they're high and mighty. I learned to love/like/enjoy whatever I do, at least try to learn something. I work like how I carry my life with conviction and positive energy. My life is everything I do, and that includes how i work. The choice is mine whether I keep working where I'm unhappy. This working just to get off. Working just to get to the weekend. Working what looks to be like in misery. Little pouty tantrums. When I just wanna have fun everyday, put my best efforts into my work, and go home feeling rewarded. I give to the universe, the universe will give back in ways i may not even see. Working is my way of getting paid to be at the gym.

I constantly have to avoid your shit, if I'm lucky. Your poor pet ownership and constant laziness, despite plenty of available bags has caused me to step in shit almost eveytime I walk a block within my own residence. Be a responsible neighbor and pick up after your animal.

Outside the Horse Brass. We were (or really I was) the human trying to figure out how you went out out the wrong door? I would very much like to discuss the state of the universe with you. Without pants. And very close to each other . 😃

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The tech layoff news reminds me of when I was at your place with your tech bro coworkers, drinking $200 booze while you talked about the best way to job hop into $350k a year. Hey look, I’m glad you capitalized on runaway salary inflation to pad your wallet and stock portfolio while you could, but don’t expect me to pat you on the back with a sad face now. I didn’t hear a single peep of sympathy when your industry’s boom made life unaffordable for the rest of us, although you and your bros did tell us to learn to code. No one who you looked down your nose at gives a fuck if you have to give up your luxury lifestyle, and capitalism comes for us all eventually. Hit me up when you’re ready to accept some humility and we can work together to break the system that has now fucked us both.

Citizens and Civilians. Keep your Christmas lights up year round. That is only when you can claim true XMAS spirit. Otherwise, you're fake to me. You are dead to me. Alright, alright, alright you can take down the tree and other decor down, but keep those lights shining bright. It brings hope. Continual hope, all year round. If we can't do that, but you're encouraged to, i'm gonna organize a national every house with lights, to turn them on day. Then we can see the views from satellite images and revel in the togetherness, connectedness, and beautiful imagery. But I'm sure dreams don't come true. And there's millions of more scrooges in the world compared to whovillians. Thats a new word for me.

I have no idea when I'll stop wearing masks on public transit. I won't stop riding in the near or far future, so its indefinite. I still feel perfectly fine wearing it. Its not even about fear of spread or catch. Its about more anonymity and being antisocial. Its quite unbelievable how long I've had that gaiter around my neck. And how normal it has become. I like my privacy and I like being left alone on my bus rides. Thats my time to decompress, reflect the day, ponder the future and life, and enjoy the ride. Not to have to see everyone get on or off the bus. Not to listen to nonsense talk, loud talk, and not to see anything I just won't be able to stop looking at no matter how much it is bugging me. So yes, I have full hoodie hiding eyes, if not sunglasses or hat too, then headphones to drown into good noise and music. And looking out the window. And my mask so my face is mostly covered. It works everytime.

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When you're standing at a bus stop, waiting for your bus, at that stop with multiple bus lines, and I'm not the bus you're wanting, please motion in some way for us to keep driving because I'm not the bus you want. Your inconsiderate, clueless and narcissistic nature is a main reason why you waste our time and cause completely unnecessary stops. Get a clue, pay attention, and have some consideration. When I'm speeding up and driving up to a stop, but I pull up to stop for you, then when I open the door, and you look around like, "what's happening" well, I just wanna step out, punch your gut, then move on with my route. Yea, that would be fun. Also, you do look like an idiot standing there like an idiot when I pulled over all just for you but noone else gets on or off. Yea, you're a clueless idiot. This is one of our pet peeves.

Now I see how these pedestrian deaths are happening. I know maybe you don’t have all of your mental facilities working properly so I don’t blame you. Driving west on 26 right before Safeway at Chavez I didn’t see you in the dark walking into the middle lane. Close call and grateful that I didn’t hit you

Theres always a point in all relationships, I feel like, when something is said or done that will change how one person views the other. Whether that relationship be a lover, a friend, family member, or coworker, there is a single turning point. What is said or done is usually some opinion about race, religion, or sex. I know we don't talk about those things here, and that is not my point, but there is some judgment made that becomes a turn off to where we can longer see that person the way we used to see them. In this instance that I'm talking about for me, I'm thinking about someone who I thought was relaxed, easy going, chill, no worry, be happy go lucky, stoner, and non judgmental. All the good stuff. But when the complaining starts to happen about the tiniest things, like how 30 min is not enough time for lunch, I start to notice complaints about anything and anyone. If this person is complaining to me about someone else, chances are is they probably are complaining about me to someone else. Also when you can see an anger or temperament behind these words, it is very eye opening for me. Its hard to come back from these turning points. I think some people do, depending on the value of the relationship but some relationships get ruined over this. Also, stoners are not that chill of a people. Also, when someone is so no worries attitude, I find there a bigger chance for passive/aggressive behaviors to become apparent. And all of this sucks to realize.